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Live In Care

Live-in Care is a direct alternative to residential care that empowers you to retain control and independence, allowing you to make the very best lifestyle choices in your own home whether it is regarding your daily meals, undertaking your much loved leisure activities, or caring for your pets. Our service enables you to remain in your own familiar and relaxed surroundings, and of course removes the possible need to have to sell your home to pay for the cost of residential care – often an extremely difficult and distressing decision to have to make. Your relationships with close family, friends or neighbours remains undisturbed, so often a painful loss if moving to a care home or assisted living. Live-in Care is an option that compares favourably with the cost of residential care. We will work with you to assess your care needs and precisely tailor your care to comply with your wishes, so that you remain in control as and when your individual needs change.
Following our initial assessment, our Live-in Care office team will remain in regular contact with you by telephone and with personal visits. For peace of mind we operate a 24 hour ‘on-call’ system so that you or our staff can contact us for guidance, help or advice at any time. If you wish to see a care manager, just let us know and we will be there.
There are certain working regulations that we have to comply with, but the main ones affecting you are that our carers must be permitted a minimum 2 hour break daily, six days a week and a longer break of 3-4 hours on one day a week. Our Everycare homecare business can provide staff to cover these permitted breaks if you require this service at an additional cost. You will be responsible for the carers’ meals and refreshments, and of course the nature of live-in care means that your carer must have their own private bedroom within your home.
Simply put, anyone, whether on your own or as a couple, who wishes to remain in your own home but requires assistance ranging from minimum care to complex care needs. This could be a long term arrangement or for a short period following discharge from hospital, recuperation from an accident or operation, respite for your main carer, or just a need to have someone there with you at home.