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Our Commitment to Clients

If you are a manager of a hospital, care home or other establishment, any temporary staff that you engage need to be appropriately experienced, trained and qualified so that they complement your regular team and can contribute immediately, fully and safely to the tasks required of them.

That is just what we do – we will not send you someone who is inappropriate to the placement. Enquiries for temporary staffing are dealt with efficiently and we can normally confirm the booking immediately or within a few minutes. Unlike some providers, we do not just say yes to everything in the hope that we can sort it out later – that ultimately leads to unhappy clients and a disorganised service.

Any enquiry about home care will receive a prompt response and a free home consultation by an experienced care manager. We consider this to be crucial. When engaging the services of a care company you are inviting someone new into your home, part of whose duties may well incorporate undertaking very personal tasks. It is essential that you feel entirely at ease not only with the care staff assisting you, but also the managers and organisation supporting them. We will discuss your specific needs and you will have the opportunity of asking any questions before engaging our services. You will never be placed under any pressure to use Everycare and it is always possible that the meeting may result in our advising you that there is a better, alternative option. We have a wide range of contacts relating to all aspects of care and we will do all that we reasonably can to provide the best advice.

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