From a client's friend

“I am writing with respect to the late Mrs H. for whom your nurses cared during her recent illness.
You will already know that Mrs H. died yesterday, but I think it is very important that you know how highly everyone involved with Mrs H. thinks of the nursing staff that looked after her during her final weeks. Whilst all of the nurses that I thanked personally were at pains to point out that they were only doing their job, I am equally keen to point out that that they all went far beyond my expectations in terms of their care, attention to detail and insistence on maintaining Mrs H’s dignity to the very last. For all this Mrs H’s many friends are extremely grateful. Whilst it is probably wrong to single out any particular individuals, I think that both S. and J. were exemplary. Indeed, when we were having trouble obtaining the correct drugs and administering systems on Saturday, S. drove, of her own accord, to get a syringe driver from a hospice in order that Mrs H. could have the appropriate drugs administered. Likewise, J. returned the equipment to the same hospice and both these journeys were made in their own time. In summary, you have every reason to be extremely proud of the nurses that work for Everycare and please accept my grateful thanks.”